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Carnation Rosette

Delightful Rosette to receive with pom-pom centre, perfect for Dressage & Presentation

price includes printed tails of your choice.

CR 1 - 24mm tight pleat, 37mm wide tail  

                            1 tier    2 tier    3 tier

                             £1.30    £1.50    £1.70

Special ribbon -    £1.45    £1.65    £1.90

CR2 - 37mm tight pleat, 37mm wide tail  

                           1 tier    2 tier    3 tier

                            £1.50    £1.65    £1.95

Special ribbon 

-   £1.70    £1.90    £2.10

Ivy Carnation - 37mm white ribbon sown together        

             with 24mm tartan of your choice.

37mm wide tail - £2.20

Holly Carnation - 37mm, choice of ribbon

           colour, sown together

           with 24mm white gold edge

ribbon, 37mm wide tail - £2.00    

CR 3 - 37mm tight pleat, Star, 37mm wide tail  

                               1 tier    2 tier

                               £1.90    £2.20

Special ribbon -      £2.10     £2.30

CR 4 - 37mm tight pleat, 

               Star & Folds     

               Tail Length 45cm

Plain ribbom - £2.60

Special ribbon - £2.80

CR 5 - 37mm tight pleat, Star & Folds with medal

           down tail, choice of special ribbon,          

           each rosette has 5 tails - length 55cm


CR 6 -37mm tight pleat, Star & Folds/Star     

        Tail Length 45cm

Plain ribbon -£2.75

Special ribbon -£2.95

with 5 tails please add 20p per rosette

NEW FOR 2018

CR 7 - Plain ribbon ,Stars with 3 tails £ 2.60p

        Special ribbon, Stars with 3 tails £2.80p

         Please add 20p per rosette for 5 tails

                      Gem Star Rosette                         

A lovely Rosette for Special Occasions

37mm tight pleat, 68mm centre with Stars & Folds

prices include all personalisation of your club name

or show around outside edge, motif & placing in

the centre

G/S 1 -

1 tier with stars only (plain ribbon).....£1.35

1 tier with stars only (special ribbon)....£1.60  

   2 tier with stars only (plain ribbon).......£1.60

2 tier with stars only (special ribbon).....£1.80

If you would like medal centres please add ;

65p This will include all printed tails Tail length - 1 tier 33cm/ 2 tier 36cm

 G/S 2 -

2 tier with star & folds (plain ribbon).....£2.20

2 tier star & fold (special ribbon).......£2.45

( as pic 3 tails )

For 5 tails please add 20p each rosette

G/S 3 -

 2 tier with stars & folds/stars (plain ribbon).£2.55

2 tier stars & folds/star (special ribbon)......£2.75

   Tail length - 42cm ( as pic 3.tails )

 G/S 3 

 with 5.tails plain ribbon £ 2.80p

  with special ribbon £ 3.00p


 1.tier/2.stars plain ribbon colours of your choice ; £2.60p

with special ribbon ; £ 2.80p     

with medal centre ; £3.25p

this includes printing on tail  

  G/S 5               

   2 tier/ 2.stars (plain ribbon)..£2.70p

( as picture ) 

   2 tier/2.stars (special ribbon)....£2.90p

Extra 22p per tail printing

3 tails - length 42cm

 with 5 tails please add 20p per rosette

Medal centre as picture £3.60p 

G/S 6

         2 tier stars & folds/star (special ribbon)......£4.75p

with medal falling down the tail

5 tails - length 52cm

If you require printing on the tails there is an extra

charge of 22p per tail (there is no set up charge)

NEW FOR 2018

G/S 7

    stars with 3 tails - £2.35p

stars with 5 tails as pic - £2.55p


Medal Centres

Make your rosettes extra special by putting

a medal in the centre of your rosette.

Fantastic for Presentation Awards & Championships.

Just choose a medal centre & add it to the

price of your chosen rosette.

M/01 - Small wreath gold medal centre with 1"  

            button of your choice.........65p each       

M/05 - Silver shield centre for oval rosettes..£1.25 each

            Gold shield centre for oval rosettes...£1.30 each

M/06 - NEW 2" Sport button, eg: Horse head

                    Gold & Silver......65p each

Please note with the medal centres you will need

personal details on the tails at an extra cost.